Non-profit Partners

We partner with many other non-profit organizations and government agencies to offer additional support to existing programs. Currently HAF has partnered with Safteynet and Orphan Care.


The problem of substance abuse in South Africa has reached epidemic proportions, which affects all levels of society. This obviously has a major ripple effect from the individual to the family and through to the economy as the problem leads to an increase in crime. Due to the psychological and physiological damage these drugs cause, it is no small task to rehabilitate individuals and for them to remain rehabilitated once back i society and many are thrown back into society without any support system.

The theory has been learnt in primary care but now the theory must be put into practice within society. As many as 90% of people who have received primary rehabilitation relapse upon entering society! The main objective of SafetyNet is to provide secondary rehabilitation for males over a four phase period within society. This involves settling in and familiarising oneself to structure, groups, tasks etc. SafetyNet started on the 1st of June 2005 with an empty double story, 7 bed-roomed house, and no money!

Today SafetyNet is excited to partner with Hillsong Africa Foundation. To visit SafetyNet’s website, click here

Orphan Care

We can all contribute to alleviate the plight of children without parents, abandoned and vulnerable. The foundation runs a weekly kids club in Westlake and has been involved in Life Skills Camps for vulnerable children and social needs assessments amongst other projects.

By supporting a child you are actively making a difference. To visit the Orphan Care website, click here