“As a church, we can make a difference in the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children by opening our homes and our families.”


To provide a safe and loving home for each child — A home where they are believed in and encouraged to become all God has destined them to be, a family where they are accepted and belong.

Through Family+1, Hillsong Africa Foundation provides an opportunity for families to open their hearts and homes to children in need. This means either providing short-term care for children in crisis through our Temporary Safe Care programme, or adopting a child. We are committed to working with each family as they embark on this incredible journey.

Temporary Safe Care

Temporary Safe Care is for those who have a heart to help children in emergency situations.
Children who have been abandoned or children who have been removed from abusive circumstances desperately need a safe place to stay, a place where they will be loved unconditionally. Temporary Safe Care is short term. It could be for a couple of days or up to six months, while our social workers work to reunite these children with their biological families or to match them with new adoptive families. This short-term care gives social workers time to investigate possible biological family solutions and other community connections for appropriate care. If there are no such options, the social workers will work towards finding a loving permanent adoptive family. We believe that every bit of love invested in these children can help rebuild their lives and heal their hurts. Start the journey today. Watch the inspirational testimony of a Temporary Safe Care family (Cornel and Pieter De Beer).


Providing a healthy, permanent family home for a child is a precious gift.
Adoption is an investment with eternal value. A loving adoptive family accepts and loves a child unconditionally. A healthy home inspires a child to dream and helps them to reach their God-given potential. The people of that home become the parents, brothers, and sisters to a child who had no one in the world to take care of them. We believe that adoption is not only an option – it is the solution to the plight of the orphans of the world. Start the journey today.


Perhaps you have considered caring for orphaned and vulnerable children, but you don’t know where to start. This is where Family+1 comes in. We want to support and guide you on that journey. We will work with your family every step of the way. Our commitment, as Hillsong Africa Foundation, is to do our very best to support you as a family.

We are passionate about helping families to stand in the gap and make a difference in the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children.

This is our journey with you:

Step 1 Interest & Info Night

Come and learn more about Family+1 at an Interest & Info Night. On these nights we will review the basics of Temporary Safe Care and adoption, as well as the support services available to you and the steps to take in order to care for an orphaned and vulnerable child. Sign up for an Interest & Info Night.

Step 2 Dig-deeper Night

On a Dig-deeper Night, you will have the opportunity to address fears and concerns, as well as to hear from families who have gone through the process already. This will happen in small groups and will be an opportunity for discussion and questions.

Step 3 Family Preparation

Our team will work with you and your family to encourage family strengthening and preparation. We provide access to helpful courses and the support of prayer groups and connect groups.

Step 4 Screening

We will introduce you to our partner organization that will walk you through the legal screening of your family and home.

Step 5 Matching

Our partner organization takes extreme care in helping to find the right match for each child.

Step 6 Legal Placement

Our partner organization will help with all the legislative services and guide you through the whole process to become a “Temporary Safe Care” family and/or an “Adoptive” family.

Step 7 Welcome Home

A very exciting journey begins for your family. We, as Hillsong Africa Foundation,provide a whole range of support services to help you along the way.

Step 8 Family Strengthening

We are committed to continue to work with your family as you learn, grow and change.