Run for Recovery

After the success of the Hillsong Ride for Recovery team, who raised around R400 000 by cycling the Cape Epic in 2010 and 2011 for Safety Net, a substance abuse rehabilitation facility for men in Cape Town, it was decided to do Run for Recovery in 2012.

This project will give runners (an aspiring runners!) from Hillsong Cape Town (although anyone is welcome to participate) the opportunity to not only run the Two Oceans, known as the ‘World’s Most Beautiful Marathon’, but to also raise awareness and support for Safety Net. The race takes place on 7 April 2012.

Participants can enter into the Two Oceans Half Marathon, Ultra Marathon or the trail runs (10km and 20km). The prominence of the race will give significant exposure not only to Run for Recovery and Safety Net, but also to sponsors who wish to get involved. Each individual runner taking part in Run for Recovery will be asked to secure sponsorship by requesting friends and family while corporate sponsors are also welcomed.

Run for Recovery has linked up with the Sports Science Institute of South Africa (SSISA), who will be able to provide some valuable advice on training for the event.

By getting involved with Run for Recovery, sponsors and runners are not only taking part in a fun event, but they are also making a statement: That they are giving time and in some cases money to support men who have made a decision against substance abuse, men who are working to better themselves in order to make a positive contribution to society.

Anyone interested in either participating in or sponsoring can email catherine.draper@hillsongafrica.com or sign up on the Facebook events page (Ride for Recovery 2012).

Pioneering Community

Through the Mitchell’s Plain project, the Hillsong Africa Foundation is joining hands and working together in order to pioneer a fundamental concept… community!

com·mu·ni·ty: noun

1. A social group of any size whose members reside in a specific locality, share government, and often have a common cultural and historical heritage.

2. Common ownership and participation

3. Similarity or agreement

The idea of community is simple and something that we all know and understand. However, in the hustle and bustle of the 21st century, it is easier than ever to forget the amazing power that lies within the relationships between neighbors, those of similar backgrounds, and those who share common interests. Read more

Clothing the needy in Cape Town

The clothing distribution at Hillsong started around June 2009 when members from Hillsong donated a few items of clothing to people in need. From there the project has grown to clothe and reach many hurting and needy children, families and adults across all races and cultures each week. There are many people in and around Cape Town that are facing serious economic challenges, and therefore cannot afford to purchase clothing.

Recently there was a family whose house burnt down. They lost everything they owned. We were able to provide clothes for this family who had an 11-month-old baby and were in desperate need. Read more

Hillsong House

Lights, Camera, Action and so much more… There was so much anticipation in the air as we prepared to open the dormitories at the Tembaletu School.  It was an early start the morning of the Tembaletu dormitory launch, and too much excitement to contain. Hillsong Africa Foundation, their partners and sponsors were preparing for everyone who is going to be a part of this momentous day.  A day when the life of an South African icon, Nelson Mandela was celebrated. Read more

Selfless Love

Sobbing, she shared her story.

“He locked me in our bedroom for hours, preventing me from comforting our son crying in the next room.” After sharing her story, she said, “I shouldn’t cry. Crying is a sign of weakness”.

This is the type of story I have heard at New Life Centre. Stories of bravery in the midst of tremendous trauma. I call these women brave because despite everything that has happened, they make the decision to be selfless and give their babies to couples who want to have children. Brave, because they often have to make this difficult decision under incredible pressure. Read more

Nurturing New Life

Life is always interesting here at New Life Centre, which serves the community as a pregnancy crisis centre.

Just the other week we had two births and went through long, traumatic nights in the local Karl Bremer Hospital. Currently our home is full and we have a waiting list of women needing our help.

I have realized yet again how devastating Aids is, how difficult it is to be pregnant with no support from friends or family, to be alone and not have your own place of safety.

I can still remember when I was thirteen years old and how I enjoyed life with absolutely no worry at all. We have a little girl here who at thirteen years old is in a situation she did not ask for. Her innocence was taken away without her permission. Read more