God’s answer for a Lost City : The local church

mp1Our adventure in Mitchell’s Plain started in September 2011 in the Lost City neighbourhood.The community is riddled with gang violence and every kind of injustice that comes from poverty/hopelessness. We went out armed with a vision to see the community come to know the power of Jesus’ transforming love.

We started by loving on people and building relationships, we set up a nutrition centre and still provide meals to over 800 of our friends every Wednesday. Three weeks into our program we found another venue in the Tafelsig neighbourhood. We launched a youth program at this venue. Five months thereafter Pastor Phil, our senior pastor, said he felt we should start church in Mitchell’s Plain. Things have and never will be the same again. We have seen so much change, both in the community as well as in ourselves. For example seeing children that have very little give gladly to a friend with even less taught us to value what we have. Read more

Bringing HOPE

This past Wednesday at our venue in Mitchell’s Plain I decided to gather the 10 year old boys for a meeting. I wanted to get feedback on what they want to do during our program. We started talking about soccer and then the conversation moved to favourite things to watch e.g. movies. I suggested Rio and got blank stares …they came back with Real Steel and Transformers. Coincidentally my favourites too ,then to my surprise the little boy sitting next to me said his favourite movie was porn I asked again just to make sure what I had heard and porn came out again. Read more

Mitchells Plain: Welcome Home

On Wednesday 28 March we stepped out Cape Town Mitchells Plain: Hillsong Collectedzone and launched a brand new Hillsong Cape Town of our comfort congregation in Mitchells Plain.This is an area in Cape Town that has experienced much hardship and suffers from many social challenges; unemployment, gangs, drug issues, etc. We’ve been praying about where we should start our next congregation since last year…and the reason we chose Mitchells Plain was simple…we were already SERVING the community there.

Just over 7 months ago we began heading into Mitchells Plain with a team of volunteers every Wednesday, our only focus was ‘how can we be blessing to this community?’ Read more


We are entering our fifth week as interns, and I can honestly say that I am more excited for what lies ahead than I even was on my first day!! Now that I have had a taste of what is to come, I can’t wait!!

On Wednesdays we leave to volunteer at Mitchells Plain – which is just…, life changing. You cannot volunteer as much as one day and not be changed for ever. The people stand in queues for food and it makes a significant difference in their lives. Also being around people who care for them and are interested in empowering them, to rise out of their circumstances and actively do something to change their environment. Read more

How our lives can be so different

While sitting in Hillsong Sydney on Vision Sunday 2010 watching all that was happening in the lives of children from Tembaletu School, my heart began to stir for the city of Cape Town. I heard about the ‘Year of Your Life’ program at Hillsong Cape Town and knew that it was time for me to go.

Now a month after arriving in South Africa and stepping away from my job as a primary school teacher, I am completing an internship with Hillsong Africa Foundation and seeing first hand how lives can be impacted…. (mine included)! Read more

A life impacted

In the time that HAF has been distributing wheelchairs, we have rarely had a wheelchair returned to us. This past week a wheelchair was returned with the letter below:

To Hillsong Africa Team

On behalf of Josh Humber, I Sarah Jordan would like to thank you for the wheelchair. Josh passed away yesterday. The wheelchair made a lot of difference in Josh’s life. He could attend clinic and hospital appointments, he could go places. Like going to the beach for fresh air. After Hillsong staff gave him the wheelchair, he didn’t feel miserable anymore and he could do some things he wanted to do on his own.

And that made him very happy. And I could also do other things like looking after my kids,cause I gave them very little attention, cause I had to look after Josh.

Thank you very very much for your help Hillsong Staff.


Sarah returned the wheelchair so that it could bring happiness to another person.