The WAR Campaign – The war against rape!

I remember my initial reaction towards being a part of this talk.“They’re so young,” I thought.

“How do you speak around such a heavy, terrible topic to minds who shouldn’t have to face this?”No one should ever have to face rape. There’s never an ‘easy’ way to speak around the topic but I just couldn’t fathom the innocence of these minds having to grasp the realities of this.

We were invited to the school to speak to the learners after one of the learners, a 12-year-old girl, had been raped and murdered within the community. We usually start the assembly off with something light to get them engaged, and then the talk begins. Staring out into all those faces you’ll find a mixture of emotions. Some are listening with open faces, taking in what is being said, some are whispering to their friends, joking about a different topic and not engaged or interested. Some faces are hardened to what you’re speaking about; why, I do not know. A sad reality is many become desensitised to this happening; it’s become a norm in many communities. It’s been reported so often that it just becomes something the norm. But then there’s that one face with tear stained cheeks and glossy eyes… a face that seems to carry a weight; either a weight of empathy to the many impacted or a story of her own.

The talk is based around value and hope; a reminder for victims of this horrendous act that rape is not their fault. We encourage the learners to look out for one another and respect their fellow learners. A guy speaks to the boys around what it means to be a real man and how men should treat women. The reality is that some of them haven’t seen respect towards women modeled in their households. The aim of the campaign is also to educate the students around the steps they can take to report the case. At the core of it all, we hope the campaign encourages them to speak up against rape, not giving it power by remaining silent.

Andrea Appel – WAR Facilitator and Youth Pastor in Mitchells Plain

5 Tools that Strength uses to help change the community

Strength is a five-week course where we address some of the issues men go through by focusing specifically on courage, significance and resilience. During the course, the goal is always about building relationships. We want to show the men who attend that they are significant, purpose-built and are here for a reason. We hope to lead men into finding their purpose. Most of the time, men need the courage to step into their purpose and the resilience to remain consistent in their walk, through all the many challenges that they could face. At Strength, we aim to come alongside men and to equip them to lead and impact in every sphere of their lives. The key ways we try to build this kind of community at Strength are through creating unity, encouraging relationships, beating addictions, understanding anger and finding purpose.

In our first week at Strength, we come together as a group to create networks between the men of the church and community. Men are encouraged to share some of their stories and build relationships with each other in conversations centered on the theme for the week. In this way, men are not living in isolation; we need unity in our communities to be able to change for the better.

Another way we try to build community in Strength is by encouraging relationships. In our second week, we take a look at men’s relationships in all spheres of life including their relationships with their wives, children, neighbours, coworkers, and friends. We equip men to be better fathers, husbands, friends, employees and citizens, in turn strengthening their communities.

We take time in the third week to look at addictions. A powerful message is spoken this week as men face opposition from all angles. We are blessed to have fantastic testimonies and group participation during this week that reiterates the importance of accountability and subjectivity to Jesus. We look at the danger of idols, and the fact that an absence of purpose is the main driving factor behind addiction. When men understand their purpose, communities thrive.

Anger can be such a big issue for men, which is why we focus week four of Strength to understanding anger better. Misdirected anger hurts us as men, and it hurts our relationships. We aim to understand anger better as it can actually be channelled and used for good. The goal is to equip men to express their anger in healthy ways.

Our ultimate purpose as men is to express God’s nature through our actions and words; and in doing so, glorifying God wherever we represent him in our community. A man of purpose is a man who will affect change, and the entire Strength course builds to this last powerful session where we allow men to grasp the revelation of their true purpose and what this means for them.

Kyle Martin- Strength Course Facilitator at Century City.


Christ-Centered Development…


I started to write an overview of what HAF is busy doing in Mitchell’s Plain, an overview of our approach and thought process behind the programs we run in this community…. After a page of writing I realised I’m actually writing a blog…. So here we go, be inspired- and do something about it!

Hillsong church’s outreach in Mitchell’s Plain through the Hillsong Africa Foundation is officially called the “Our Community Project”. Why? Simply because it is not us and them, it is us- together. The program has grown from a simple nutrition program to a holistic community development approach, changing a multitude of lives every week! Read more

Unlocking the future

It has been a remarkable journey that we have been OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAembarking on with the Youth of Mitchell’s Plain. At times it has it’s challenges but that just inspires us and motivates us to love more.

We have seen tremendous change in some of the young people’s lives that have been attending our HAF Youth programs and our Youth ministry on a Friday night.

The Youth of Mitchell’s Plain is faced with poverty, addictions, gangs, peer pressure and violence. And because of these circumstances we found that they don’t easily allow people into their lives and after being consistent in building relationships with them, they have opened up to us and have allowed us to address and help with some of the issues they face. Read more

Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika (Lord Bless Africa)

This blog was written by a 15 year old legend from Canada who is volunteering josh with his parents and his two younger brothers at Hillsong Africa Foundation’s projects.

For many years, the song “Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrica” provided the soundscape of the anti-apartheid movement. It was a rally cry, beckoning humanity to put an end to the atrocities committed during the apartheid era. Interestingly, the isiXhosa translation of this song roughly means “Lord Bless Africa”. He truly has blessed Africa plentifully; the glory of God is made known through its bountiful natural resources, breath-taking topography, and the beauty of its people and their hearts. I love South Africa. It has its issues, no doubt. Crime, xenophobia, gangs and burgeoning poverty continue to be chronic problems here. There is no easy, quick, or overnight solution to any of these issues plaguing this beautiful country. Read more

What’s In A Book?

#READBABYREADWhat's In A book Hillsong Collected

My daughter started school this year. She is just in the local public school and I have been amazed by the resources available. Her teacher has been teaching Kindy for 20 years, there are computers in the classroom and resources on the walls, but most of all there are books, books in a reading corner, books in the library, books to take home, books to just enjoy reading. That is on top of all the books at home. I cannot imagine her not being able to read and write, it is just not an option for me, but in some places in the world being able read and write is such an advantage and so far out of their grasp. One of these places is Mitchell’s Plain, Cape Town. Read more