Sport 4 Development


By using sport as a vehicle for change, Sport 4 Development aims to transform communities, eradicate gang activities, break strongholds and raise up community based leaders – individuals that will lead and impact in every sphere of life.


The townships of South Africa were used as part of the Groups Areas Act during the Apartheid regime to segregate races. Many of these communities have been deprived of opportunity and growth, and created an environment that encourages a cycle of poverty.

The youth are exposed daily to alcohol, drugs and gang related crime.  And many children are raised in a father-less or broken homes.


Sport 4 Development has been used as a tool to forge relationships with the youth in the community to bring change, restoration and hope.

This program uses soccer and other sports to combat gangsterism, break addictions, raise up leaders, and to strengthen relationships, community unity and team building.  These relationships allow HAF to successfully address key challenges, raised by the communities, themselves.

The program has developed from the ground up into a key tool for leadership development.  Rising leaders are essential to take the community forward in socioeconomic awareness and development. These young leaders have paved the way by being examples in showing respect, teamwork, education and discipline.

Various high-intensity, professional training sessions are held each week, with matches being played on the weekends.  Our team also hosts an annual end-of-season sports camp to not only help strengthen their sport, but also create a safe-space where social issues can be addressed.

In 2014, our team is looking forward to launching new teams in new communities.  Additionally our team is committed to networking with and bringing strength to existing teams. We are also excited to launch our Community Sports Days, which would see entire communities, multiple teams and their families uniting through sport.


Pray: For the program participants to be open to change and receptive to the encouragement given.

Join a team: There are many areas to get involved, from being a player, helping out as a coach to making sandwiches to give out on game day! If interested please email

Sponsor:  There are many areas that require funding such as player registration, league and affiliation fees, game day lunches as well as the purchasing of boots and kit. Hillsong Africa Foundation would welcome sponsorship of any kind. If you’d like to donate to this project please Click Here!