To empower primary schools across Africa to actively and effectively fight illiteracy.


In Africa, extreme lack of finance prevents essential resources from reaching overcrowded classrooms of 45+ children. Teachers work with children who are victims of violent crime, HIV/AIDS, fetal alcohol syndrome, and malnutrition, creating a dual challenge for the advancement of education.


READBABYRAD establishes partnerships with primary schools in high need of literacy advancement, in order to boost their literacy rates by:

Equipping classrooms with essential reading resources, hand selected by the teachers who know the needs best.

Providing professional development training for the teachers, in areas that they identify as ‘trouble spots’ in their own professional growth.  Our Teachers4Teachers consists of educators and professionals who volunteer their time to

Creating encouraging environments for school communities to love and enjoy reading, including early literacy development for tots, school reading campaigns and Shine Courses for teachers.


Pray: for the children and teachers to create an encouraging and loving culture of reading.

Join a team: The equipping team organizes and delivers reading supplies. Our Teachers4Teachers designs and impliments strengthening workshops. Our encouraging team ‘loves on’ the schools!

Be an advocate:  Spearhead a fundraising and advocacy campaign for READBABYREAD in your community, and we will be happy to support you with materials to help spread the word about READBABYREAD.