Disaster Response


To efficiently and effectively provide for the holistic needs created by natural and civil disasters which leave their victims lost, hungry or hurt.


HAF works in partnership with the City of Cape Town Disaster Response and Relief Team, in order to provide a strong network of responders that work together efficiently and effectively.

Together, we provide emergency shelter and lifesaving supplies to affected families. This includes food, medical care and basic supplies that are provided to help communities survive the immediate aftermath of the crisis as well as rebuild their lives.

This project is currently responds to emergencies across the Western Cape of South Africa, and is working to coordinate efforts so that disaster response teams will be able to reach areas across Africa, as needed in the future.


Pray: for the families that are victims to disasters to be protected and strengthened.

Donate Supplies:  Follow @hillsongafricaf to stay up to date on the current and ongoing needs of the victims we respond to during a disaster.