We are entering our fifth week as interns, and I can honestly say that I am more excited for what lies ahead than I even was on my first day!! Now that I have had a taste of what is to come, I can’t wait!!

On Wednesdays we leave to volunteer at Mitchells Plain – which is just…, life changing. You cannot volunteer as much as one day and not be changed for ever. The people stand in queues for food and it makes a significant difference in their lives. Also being around people who care for them and are interested in empowering them, to rise out of their circumstances and actively do something to change their environment.

Thursdays we serve in the administrative section of our department until noon, after which we leave for Tembaletu. There the children are always overjoyed to see us and we love spending time with them! The boys usually play sports on the Xbox360/foosball and we pamper the girls, doing their toe nails and just loving them! I can see the difference that it is making in their lives. Having people who are consistent in loving and accepting them, this is vitally important for them!

I am so privileged to be part of impacting their world.