How our lives can be so different

While sitting in Hillsong Sydney on Vision Sunday 2010 watching all that was happening in the lives of children from Tembaletu School, my heart began to stir for the city of Cape Town. I heard about the ‘Year of Your Life’ program at Hillsong Cape Town and knew that it was time for me to go.

Now a month after arriving in South Africa and stepping away from my job as a primary school teacher, I am completing an internship with Hillsong Africa Foundation and seeing first hand how lives can be impacted…. (mine included)!

No one day has ever been the same….. Whether it has been handing out soup, bread and pears to hundreds of people in Mitchell’s Plain, helping children with their homework from Tembaletu, praying for a man who had no money to buy nappies for his ten month old baby, my life has been dramatically changed in such a short time.

During times of missing my family and home in Australia, it has been the reality of knowing how so many people live, that has given me perspective with my own situation. I will never forget within the first week of the internship I heard that many parents give their children drugs to suppress their appetite because of the significant food insecurity in communities.
How our lives can be so different will always take my breath away.