A life impacted

In the time that HAF has been distributing wheelchairs, we have rarely had a wheelchair returned to us. This past week a wheelchair was returned with the letter below:

To Hillsong Africa Team

On behalf of Josh Humber, I Sarah Jordan would like to thank you for the wheelchair. Josh passed away yesterday. The wheelchair made a lot of difference in Josh’s life. He could attend clinic and hospital appointments, he could go places. Like going to the beach for fresh air. After Hillsong staff gave him the wheelchair, he didn’t feel miserable anymore and he could do some things he wanted to do on his own.

And that made him very happy. And I could also do other things like looking after my kids,cause I gave them very little attention, cause I had to look after Josh.

Thank you very very much for your help Hillsong Staff.


Sarah returned the wheelchair so that it could bring happiness to another person.