Mitchell’s Plain


To holistically uplift and empower previously disadvantaged communities, using a two-pronged approach of community development and faith-based intervention.


The need is evident by low levels of literacy, food insecurity, poor health, unemployment, and high levels of substance abuse. Ultimately, this project aims to reach families of the individuals involved in the project, the community of Mitchell’s Plain as a whole, as well as neighbouring communities. Mankind’s primary need will and has always been love. God is love. This is our motivation behind all we do within the community of Mitchell’s plain and every other community or people we come into contact with.


A holistic community development approach. This approach combines the power of personal change through an encounter and relationship with Jesus Christ with tangible, community based interventions, and in doing so addressing both the physical and spiritual needs of individuals. We are designing this approach in a way that it is easily replicated in other neighbourhoods, cities, and countries. The program has grown from a simple nutrition program to a holistic community development approach, changing a multitude of lives every week. The programs and initiatives include: children’s programs in primary schools, support to schools and their teachers for literacy training, woman devotional groups, Shine Courses for the community and school teachers, a men’s strength program, children nutrition programs, a sports academy and much more!


Pray – that through the programmes and initiatives we facilitate, the communities will have a significant rise in health, esteem, unity, and education.

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