Nurturing New Life

Life is always interesting here at New Life Centre, which serves the community as a pregnancy crisis centre.

Just the other week we had two births and went through long, traumatic nights in the local Karl Bremer Hospital. Currently our home is full and we have a waiting list of women needing our help.

I have realized yet again how devastating Aids is, how difficult it is to be pregnant with no support from friends or family, to be alone and not have your own place of safety.

I can still remember when I was thirteen years old and how I enjoyed life with absolutely no worry at all. We have a little girl here who at thirteen years old is in a situation she did not ask for. Her innocence was taken away without her permission.

This is why the New Life Centre is so important in our community – these women need help, support and unconditional love.It has been so heart-warming to receive lots of feedback from some of our adoptive parents lately. I even had an adoptive father here with me the other day from Belgium. They adopted a special needs baby from us a few years ago – a little girl that was born from a 14-year-old girl who was raped by her father. The baby ended up being born with only one eye with 5% vision in the eye. She is now a happy 4-year-old and is doing very well with her family!

Thank you for all the support and love that we receive! Without each of you, it is not possible to carry on with the work we are doing.

NLC House Parent