Tembaletu School


To help create a safe and conducive educational environment for the children of the Tembaletu LSEN school and the surrounding community.



Tembaletu is a school for physically disabled children and is located in the township of Gugulethu. Many children of Tembaletu wake as early as 4am to begin their long journey to the school.  These children are susceptible to abuse, while also facing exhaustion from their long day. Additionally, each child faces challenges in their school attendance as they are highly susceptible to disease and injury, which can keep them away from school for months at a time and preventing them from completing their education.


In 2011, Hillsong House was constructed as a dormitory that provides a secure homely environment for 32 of the most high risk children.  The home provides a safe haven for each of these children to learn and grow.  In 2012 100% of the children who resided at Hillsong House received passing scores in their exams.

In 2012, we also assisted Tembaletu School with the upgrading of their medical facilities and playgrounds.

Additionally, our team runs regular Thursday afternoon programme at Hillsong House where life skills and values are taught via bible-based group activities and lessons.

Weekday volunteers also assist both the teachers and the medical team (Occupational/Physiotherapists).

A food garden has also been established, which is run by a local NGO and contributes fresh produce towards the school’s needs.


Pray: for the children to take hold of the opportunity to rise above their circumstances and for the teachers who play a key role in teaching them the skills to do so.

Join a team: Weekdays there is the opportunity to volunteer as a teacher’s assistant or join us for our Thursday afternoon program at Hillsong House.

Donate:  Start a fundraising campaign for Tembaletu in your community, and we will be happy to support you with materials to help spread the word about Tembaletu.