Free Wheelchair Project


To increase the accessibility and availability of wheelchairs for the physically impaired, in order to restore people’s dignity and re-enter them in to the community.


The townships are particularly inaccessible for disabled individuals and many of those in need do not have the means to purchase or access helpful equipment.


Through Hillsong Africa Foundation‘s (HAF) partnership with the Free Wheelchair Mission (FWM), HAF facilitates the distribution of free wheelchairs to physically immobile individuals of South Africa.

The wheelchairs from HAF are peculiar in nature. For instance, the wheelchairs are specifically designed to accommodate simple mobility in rougher environments, as they are made with a durable plastic seat, mountain bike tyres and a sturdy aluminium frame.

In 2013 HAF developed a relationship with the Department of Correctional Services to work in the building and distribution of these wheelchairs across South Africa. Volunteers from HAF along with offenders construct the wheelchairs and assist with distribution. The project also partners with health professionals, lay health workers and social workers in order to identify individuals and assess their suitability to receive a wheelchair.

The Free Wheelchair Project also is instrumental in providing entry points into new communities, where HAF will build relationships, trust and explore potential needs for further project development


Pray: That through these free wheelchairs, people may come to know Jesus’ love and that they might be enabled to reach their God-given potential.

Join a team: The team of volunteers on stand-by that assemble and help to distribute wheelchairs.

Be a Sponsor: Donate money or transportation to transit the assembled wheelchairs to new recipients.